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About Us

Meet the CEO

Kimberly Mitchell

As an educator for over 25 years and successful Entrepreneur my goal is to help rising leaders succeed one step at a time.  I know from experience that leading any sort of organization can be overwhelming, however with the right support I believe all leaders can flourish, thrive and succeed without feeling stressed or overwhelmed.  For this reason I have used what I learned along the way and created programs for both rising entrepreneurs and educators that eliminates the need to learn as you go.    Through my programs you will know what to expect as you progress along your leadership journey.   

I have been doing this work for 5 years and I love it.  I have helped my clients realize their  potential and lead with confidence.  My past clients have gone on to lead both successful businesses and schools.

If you are a rising leader I would love to assist you in reaching your goals.  Please reach out when you are ready.

Keep It Moving!

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